Modern houses are gradually shifting from conventional switches to centralized control system,involving voice assistants. Presently, conventional wall switches located in different parts of the house makes it difficult for the user to go near them to operate. Even more it becomes more difficult for the elderly or physically handicapped people to do so. Voice controlled home automation system provides a most modern solution for this problem. For achieving this voice assistant like amazon’s Alexa can be used over Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi based microcontrollers like esp32 and node-mcu.


Aditya Advani – class X-D
Anvesh Pathak – class X-D
Muder Batterywala – class X-D
Parv Porwal – class X-D


Nowadays, we have remote controls for our television sets and other electronic systems, which have made our lives real easy. Have you ever wondered about home automation which would give the facility of controlling tube lights, fans and other electrical appliances at home using a remote control? Off-course, Yes! But, are the available options cost-effective? If the answer is No, we have found a solution to it. We have come up with a new system called ESP-32-based home automation using our very own Amazon Alexa. This system is super-cost effective and can give the user, the ability to control any electronic device just by using their voice. Time is a very valuable thing. Everybody wants to save time as much as they can. New technologies are being introduced to save our time. To save people’s time we are introducing a Home Automation system using amazon’s echo dot. This system not only gives you the option to control the devices with Alexa but they can even be controlled using the smartphone using dedicated buttons in the Alexa app.


Our home automation system is made using the ESP-32 module which is a very low-cost Wi-Fibased microcontroller that makes working with the internet very easy. We have used an amazon Alexa server to establish between the ESP-32 and the amazon echo dot device. This has proven to be one of the smoothest and most effective ways out of all the other ways that can be used. Relay modules have been used as a bridge between the electronic devices and the ESP-32 module. The relay and the esp-32 board have been connected through the circuit given below:

All this has been soldered in a PCB and enclosed in a 3d printed case which gives it an appealing look. The device we made cost around 700 Rs. And can control up to 6 appliances. This project has been well tested in our school ATL Lab as well and it has turned out to be very fast and efficient.


The installation unlike the other alternatives available in the market is not tedious but a very simple 15-20 minutes process that can easily be handled by any electrician. The device first needs to be configured with the Wi-Fi available in that area and then connected to the switchboard following a certain circuit. The Alexa then needs to be set up using the mobile phone. The Alexa and the device both need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi. That’s it! The device is now ready to work and you can control the lights anytime with your voice.


This paper proposes a low cost, secure, ubiquitously accessible, auto-configurable, voice controlled solution. The approach discussed in the paper is novel and has achieved the target to control home appliances remotely using the Wi-Fi technology to connect system parts, satisfying user needs and requirements. Wi-Fi technology capable solution has proved to be controlled with voice, provide home security and is cost-effective as compared to the previously existing systems. Hence we can conclude that the required goals and objectives of home automation system have been achieved. The system design and architecture were discussed, and prototype presents the basic level of home appliance control and remote monitoring has been implemented. Finally, the proposed system is better from the scalability and flexibility point of view than the commercially available home automation systems.

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